Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me what grade of copper is used in the Chore Boy Pure Copper Scrubbers?

These scrubbers are 99.997% pure copper.

Are there other ingredients in the Chore Boy Copper Scrubbers?

Mineral oil is used to draw, spool, and unspool the copper wire. In addition, it helps to make the manufacturing process easier and protects the wire from scratches during use.

My Chore Boy Copper Scrubbers smells like mildew/mold. Are these pads treated with anything after they are assembled?

Chore Boy Copper Scouring Pads do not have any type of overlay coating on the finished product. However, we do use a wire drawing process that pulls the product through an oil-based lubricant for manufacturing purposes. Most of this solution will dissipate or evaporate with exposure and the rest will wear off over time.

What Are Copper Scrubbers Recommended For?

These scrubbers are recommended for cleaning copper and aluminum cookware, broiler pans, barbecue grills, stove burners, and oven racks.

What are the Stainless Steel Scouring Pads recommended for?

Cast iron, indoor and outdoor grills, workshop, and tools.

Is Golden Fleece Scrubbing Cloths all natural?

No, the terry cloth is treated chemically to produce Golden Fleece.

What is the Chore Boy Golden Fleece Scrubbing Cloth treated with?

The Golden Fleece scrubbing cloth is a terry cloth that has been treated with special materials such as surfactant, abrasives, binder (to make them stick to the cloth), and colorant.

Can I use Golden Fleece Scrubbing Cloths to scrub my vegetables?


What is Golden Fleece Scrubbing Cloth recommended for?

Brushed stainless steel, cutting boards, oven racks, cooking utensils, pots and pans, trash containers, cast iron, and golf clubs.

Can I put my Chore Boy Golden Fleece scrubbing cloth in the microwave to sanitize it?

This product has not been tested in this manner.

Will the Chore Boy Golden Fleece scrubbers pose health concerns to my family?

They are treated with an abrasive, some binder, and a colorant; and they will not present any health hazards to the family.

Are Golden Fleece Scrubbing Cloths toxic?


What makes the Chore Boy sponges moist inside the package?

A salt and water solution is used to keep them soft.

Do any of the Chore Boy sponges have a polyfoam backing instead of cellulose?

No, all Chore Boy sponges are cellulose.

What is the Heavy Duty sponge recommended for?

Cookware, pots, pans, countertops, stovetops, ovens, refrigerators, and kitchen sinks.

What is the All Purpose sponge recommended for?

Non-stick surfaces, china, microwave ovens, cookware, dishes, and glassware.

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