Best Scrubbers Around, Even for Stuck on Stuff!

These sponges are the best little scrubbers around. I went through a period where I only bought store brand, but one day they were all sold out so I grabbed a ChoreBoy regular sponge and a copper scrubber and ever since I have been hooked! I really like the copper scrubbers because they don't rust or splinter which is a big deal for me. They make cleaning up after my husband's cooking easy--even the stuck on stuff.

Lindsay P.

Light weight with powerful scrubbing features

Chore Boy golden fleece is a great product. It is a powerful scrubber but yet gentle on your most delicate dish wear and it does not leave scratches. What I like the best is it's longevity, and able to bleach it when it gets too soiled.

Great cleaning pads

I have used the Chore Boy Golden Fleece pads for years. They are the best pads for cleaning your pots. Will not leave streaks like most scouring pads. I also use them to clean shower and grill. Great product.