All Purpose Sponges

Available in 1 Count and 3 Count Packages

Ideal for


Dishes and China


Sometimes your sponge needs an extra boost. When you aren’t looking for quite the power of copper or steel but need a strong and effective sponge depend on Chore Boy® All Purpose Two-Sided Scrubbers Sponges. Regular sponges often miss stuck-on stains or struggle to fit into tight spaces. Two-Sided Scrubber Sponges blend the power of scrubbing and absorption into one wonderful product. In addition, these sponges offer an easy grip feature for tight spaces that are hard to squeeze into.


What makes the Chore Boy sponges moist inside the package?

A salt and water solution is used to keep them soft.

Do any of the Chore Boy sponges have a polyfoam backing instead of cellulose?

No, all Chore Boy sponges are cellulose.

What is the All Purpose sponge recommended for?

Non-stick surfaces, china, microwave ovens, cookware, dishes, and glassware.

Recent testimonials

"These sponges are the best little scrubbers around. I went through a period where I only bought store brand, but one day they were all sold out so I grabbed a ChoreBoy regular sponge and a copper scrubber and ever since I have been hooked! I really like the copper scrubbers because they don't rust or splinter which is a big deal for me. They make cleaning up after my husband's cooking easy--even the stuck on stuff. "
⏤ ​ Lindsay P.

Other Products

Sometimes elbow grease just isn’t enough to combat baked-on food in the kitchen. Fortunately, the Chore Boy® Heavy Duty Two-Sided Scrubber is capable of cleaning up some of the most stubborn stains. This powerful scrubbing sponge combines a thick and tough scrubber on one side and a gentle sponge on the other. The rough scrubbing texture helps with cleaning stovetops, pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials that may need some extra care.