Ultimate Scrubber Stainless Steel Scrubbers

Available in 3 Count Packages

Ideal for

BBQ Grills

Cast Iron


Home & Garden

Tools & Workshop

Chore Boy® Stainless Steel Scrubbers are useful throughout the kitchen and beyond! Using the highest quality stainless steel alloy, these Scrubbers are machine wound into a spiral puff that will not rust, stain, or splinter. Use Chore Boy® stainless steel scrubbing pads for heavy duty cleaning on all metal surfaces throughout the kitchen such as hard-to-clean cookware and ovens. Stainless Steel Scrubbers are up to the task! You can even use them in the workshop or garage for clean-up help with tools and paint. Take your stainless steel scrubbers outside with you and it can be a great ally when it comes to greasy grill surfaces and muddy garden messes. ​


What are the Stainless Steel Scouring Pads recommended for?

Cast iron, indoor and outdoor grills, workshop, and tools.

Recent testimonials

"These sponges are the best little scrubbers around. I went through a period where I only bought store brand, but one day they were all sold out so I grabbed a ChoreBoy regular sponge and a copper scrubber and ever since I have been hooked! I really like the copper scrubbers because they don't rust or splinter which is a big deal for me. They make cleaning up after my husband's cooking easy--even the stuck on stuff. "
⏤ ​ Lindsay P.

Other Products

Chore Boy® Ultimate Copper Scrubbers are machine knit from pure copper to quickly remove baked-on foods and burnt-on grease the first time–inside and out. Ultimate Copper Scrubber pads aren’t messy like steel wool. They will not rust or splinter, making them perfect for cookware made of stainless steel, copper, anodized aluminum or multi-clad. They are also ideal for glassware, barbecue grills, stove burners, oven racks and other heavy-duty cleaning applications.

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