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Chore Boy®: The Choice for Serious Cooking Enthusiasts

At Chore Boy®, we have been working to perfect a smarter scrubber for over 85 years. We’ve done our best to notice the downfalls of traditional sponges and steel wool products so that we can create the most efficient cleaning accessories for your home. We offer a wide range of products that are specially engineered from durable materials. ​ As kitchen tools and cookware change over time, we’ll continue to evolve our products so you can keep your items looking their best.

We're want to support the people who enjoy cooking and provide them with the most effective cleaning products so they can focus on doing what they love – not the mess afterwards.

Quality. Simplicity. Dependability. That’s why cooking enthusiasts and food lovers everywhere trust Chore Boy®. We provide Better Scrubbing Pads for Every Scrubbing Need.™

Chore Boy®: The Choice for Serious Cooking Enthusiasts.

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