Golden Fleece Abrasive Scrubbing Cloth

Golden Fleece Abrasive Scrubbing Cloth

Product Description

Chore Boy® Golden Fleece is non-metallic terry cloth, specially treated with extra scrubbing grit for a variety of cleaning tasks throughout the home. Start with big kitchen jobs like cast iron, oven racks and cutting boards. Then use Scrubbing Cloths on all sorts of household and garden tools, painting supplies, even golf clubs!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Golden Fleece all natural?

No, the terry cloth is treated chemically to produce Golden Fleece.

What is the Chore Boy Golden Fleece treated with?

Golden Fleece is a terry cloth that has been treated with special materials such as surfactant, abrasives, binder (to make them stick to the cloth), and colorant.

Can I use Golden Fleece Scouring Cloths to scrub my vegetables?


What is Golden Fleece Cloth recommended for?

Brushed stainless steel, cutting boards, oven racks, cooking utensils, pots and pans, trash containers, cast iron, and golf clubs.

Can I put my Chore Boy Golden Fleece scrubbing cloth in the microwave to sanitize it?

This product has not been tested in this manner.

Will the Chore Boy Golden Fleece scrubbers pose health concerns to my family?

They are treated with an abrasive, some binder, and a colorant; and they will not present any health hazards to the family.

Are Golden Fleece Scouring Cloths toxic?


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